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Today's Pawsome Human: TC Wait - Winter Adventures: Living with Sled Dogs in Alaska

The first Soul Touched by Dogs monthly LIVE expert masterclass was fabulous!

A big THANK YOU to everyone who came along and/or sent in questions.

I invited Julie Cluley, who you might remember from the Panic to Peace summit, to dig deeper into what she means by "Dogs are NEVER naughty" .. and what to do when that doesn't seem to be true for your dog(s).

The good news? If you have a dog that's "nice but naughty" - maybe your dog loves barking a bit too much, jumps up on people, or doesn't get on with other dogs or people - but you missed the session with Julie, the recording is still available for a few days.

(Ignore the date on the page. When you sign up, you’ll receive the link to the page where we went live, and where you’ll now find the recording for the next few days)

Next month: Ness Jones about helping your dog with separation anxiety

In May: Miranda Wimbush about stressing less for dogs and their people

Stay tuned ..

If there is a topic or expert you’d love me to invite, please let me know.

This week’s Pawsome Human: TC Wait - Winter Adventures: Living with Sled Dogs in Alaska

I’ll always be grateful to René and Jim from Tripawds for introducing me to TC 🙏

I definitely prefer warm climates but listening to TC and seeing this 3-minute video ..

I couldn’t help but feel a pull towards Alaska in winter 😛

In this fascinating episode, I talk to TC Wait, a sled dog owner living outside Willow, Alaska, throughout the winter.

Chatting with TC was like stepping into another world where sled dogs rule and every day is an adventure. 

TC shared how she stumbled into the world of dog sledding and totally fell in love with it. We talked about the quirky and awesome personalities of sled dogs, especially the Alaskan and Siberian Huskies, and how keeping these furry friends happy and healthy is pretty much the most important thing for her.

Our conversation was filled with fun stories from the trail, the ups and downs of winter in Alaska with a pack of dogs, and how these amazing animals play a huge part in the culture of remote places.

TC also unpacked what training looks like throughout the seasons, and how life revolves around what's best for the dogs. It’s all about living together with plenty of respect and understanding. 

Find out more and connect with TC:

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What’s your experience?

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