Riding the Waves of Grief - Lessons From the Dogs

Today's Pawsome Human: Tim Mitchum - Transforming Pet Wellness with Plasma

It’s been a rough week after good boy Cai crossed the bridge 🌈😢

It’s been just over a week since I had to let my sweet boy go.

So many little moments throughout the day remind me of him. I’m ok one minute, a crying mess the next.

I’m giving myself full permission to feel it all, to not hold it in, and that helps.

And I’ve been so touched by the outpour of love I’ve received from so many people. THANK YOU! is all I can say. You might not realize how much it means to me.

The biggest lesson, as always, is taught by dogs.

My two girls.

Both of them didn’t know life without Cai.

They’ve been amazing.

A bit quieter than usual, as if they’re tapping into the sad atmosphere in the house, but their usual gentle selves, except ..

Hada, who used to get bored after 5 minutes in the office with me, has taken Cai’s spot and turned into my new office dog, patiently sitting by my side through zoom meetings and writing sessions.

Lea can often be found on the bed where Cai used to hang out …

I’m beyond grateful to have those two who bring me back into the here and now when my mind is tempted to drift down the path of all the things I’ll never be able to do again with Cai.

And I’m grateful I have a business, and people around me, that can cope with me not being my best.

Talking about not being my best ..

I totally messed up last week’s expert masterclass on overcoming separation anxiety.

The good news is that Ness agreed to put another date on the calendar .. so you can still join us …

TOMORROW: How to Overcome Separation Anxiety - Join the April LIVE Masterclass with Ness Jones

23rd April, 8am Europe (7am UK, 4pm Brisbane)

If you dread going out without your dog because you know she/he’ll have a hard time, because you’re worried about what you might find when you get back ..

The session with separation anxiety specialist Ness Jones is for you.

I know the time might be a bit dodgy .. Ness is based in Brisbane, Australia, and there is literally no time that’s reasonable for people in Australia, Europe AND the US.

So you might not be able to make it live.

Sign up anyway and send your questions (I ask you on the registration form).

I’ll make the recording available so you can catch up in your own time.

Coming up …

In May:

Suzanne Clothier about her Really Real Relaxation protocol that teaches you how to teach your dog to relax with a few simple steps.

Miranda Wimbush about stressing less for dogs and their people

Stay tuned ..

If there is a topic or expert you’d love me to invite, please let me know.

This week’s Pawsome Human: Tim Mitchum - Transforming Pet Wellness with Plasma

Tim and I had a fascinating conversation about WINPRO, the only company to offer a line of plasma-powered health products formulated especially for dogs.

Dogs have to deal with a lot of stressors, both inside their bodies and in the environment around them. And where you have stress, you will find inflammation.

By reducing inflammation, WINPRO helps promote a normal, healthy dog free of issues and able to do the things it loves to do.

Tim shared the story of how this company and product came to be, and what it can do for our dogs - anything from combatting allergies, joint issues, to promoting overall health.

Despite being a relatively new concept in pet care, WinPro is pioneering the use of orally fed plasma in soft chews, supported by positive feedback from veterinarians and pet owners.

Connect with Tim and find out more about WinPro:
Use coupon code SOUL20 for a 20% discount off your first order

Gift yourself a time-out and listen in on our conversation https://share.descript.com/view/CgVSy0ee47R

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This could be my house .. makes me laugh every time

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