Looking Into a Mirror: The Foster Experience

Today's Pawsome Human: Heather Egginton - Fostering Sparky

You might remember Dr. Jeff Grognet.

He is a holistic veterinarian on a mission to support people who want to educate themselves about how to support their animals beyond conventional medicine.

He was a guest on the Soul Touched by Dogs podcast, and he was a wonderful speaker at Panic to Peace in February.

I felt honored when he invited me to be one of 18 expert speakers for his upcoming

(and not just because the dog in the banner reminds me of my Leo :-)

I'm talking about How to Trust Your Magnificent Mind and Tap into Innate Confidence and Intuition to be the Advocate Your Dog Needs.

Starting tomorrow, April 8th (running for 9 days).

Check out the other speakers and pick the topics you’re interested in.

Here are some of my favorites:

  • Dr. Janet Roark - Becoming a Healer in Your Own Home Using Essential Oils

  • Eleni Gkikasis - What's next after you hear: “there is nothing more we

    can do?”

  • Liza Weaver - Treat the Root Cause Versus Chasing Symptoms, incl. using the Traditional Chinese Medicine principles of warming and cooling foods,

This is a great opportunity for anyone who loves the dogs (and cats) under their care and wants to provide the best direction they can with the greatest connection possible.

Click the button below to check out all the speakers and grab your complimentary ticket.

How to Overcome Separation Anxiety - Join the April LIVE Masterclass with Ness Jones

If you dread going out without your dog because you know she/he’ll have a hard time, because you’re worried about what you might find when you get back ..

The upcoming session with separation anxiety specialist Ness Jones is for you.

Here are some of the questions we’re going to cover:

  1. What are the signs of separation anxiety in dogs, especially when they're subtle or not immediately apparent?

  2. For dogs with noise phobias (e.g., storms, motorbikes), what alternatives to medication can be explored to provide comfort and reduce anxiety?

  3. How can a dog's excitement and over-exuberance upon the owner's return be controlled, especially in a multi-dog household?

  4. What measures can owners take to minimize their dog's anxiety and destructive behavior during longer periods of absence?

  5. In cases of crate aversion or dislike of being isolated in a room, what methods encourage positive associations with these spaces?

  6. Can the presence of another dog alleviate separation anxiety, and under what circumstances might this be effective?

  7. Are there specific considerations or techniques for dealing with separation anxiety, reactivity, or fearfulness in rescue dogs or those with special needs (e.g., deafness, age-related sensory decline)?

I know the time might be a bit dodgy .. Ness is based in Brisbane, Australia, and there is literally no time that’s reasonable for people in Australia, Europe AND the US.

So you might not be able to make it live.

Sign up anyway and send your questions (I ask you on the registration form).

I’ll make the recording available so you can catch up in your own time.

Coming up …

In May: Miranda Wimbush about stressing less for dogs and their people

Stay tuned ..

If there is a topic or expert you’d love me to invite, please let me know.

This week’s Pawsome Human: Heather Egginton - Looking Into a Mirror: The Foster Experience

In this episode, I talk to Heather Egginton, a UK-based transformational coach, who shares her experience fostering a dog named Sparky, alongside her own dog, Tess.

Living in Market Drayton, Shropshire, UK, Heather is involved in property development and has a passion for transformation, including working with animals and people.

We unpack Heather's decision to foster, her motivations, and the transformative impact the experience had on her relationships and personal growth.

She discusses the challenges and rewards of fostering, including dealing with a reactive dog and the effect on her household dynamic.

And we touch on her future aspirations to create a space for rescue animals and people seeking transformation.

It's an honest account of her experience fostering Sparky, offering insights into the emotional and practical aspects of fostering, and highlighting the importance of love, patience, and understanding in dealing with rescue animals.

So if you’re considering fostering a dog, or - like me - are curious about what’s going on behind the scenes, you’ll love this one.

Find out more about Heather and get in touch at

Gift yourself a time-out and listen in on our conversation https://share.descript.com/view/VI01tEqk1zG

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