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Today's Pawsome Human: Iris Grimm - A Fresh Perspective on Leadership - Bringing Canine Wisdom Into The Workplace

Registration is now OPEN 🎉

Panic to Peace - Holistic Approaches to Easing Anxiety in Rescue Dogs

A virtual conference for dog lovers: Feb 19-25, 2024

If you are here because you registered for Panic to Peace, WELCOME!

I love meeting other Souls Touched by Dogs, and I’m looking forward to getting to know you.

The event is for those who have adopted a dog who is anxious, perhaps reactive, struggling to overcome trauma or separation anxiety. And it’s for those who are considering adopting a dog but might hesitate because they worry about the “baggage” a rescue dog might come with.

You’ll walk away with plenty of kind, gentle, holistic, connection-based tools and solutions so you feel equipped to support your dog.

Rescue dogs are not "damaged goods" and you have what it takes to give them the life they deserve.

If you haven’t already, grab your free spot here:

This week’s Pawsome Human: Iris Grimm - A Fresh Perspective on Leadership - Bringing Canine Wisdom Into The Workplace

In this episode, my guest Iris Grimm and I explore her passion for dogs, as well as her unique approach to leadership development.

From her humble beginnings in East Germany to becoming a successful entrepreneur in Atlanta, Georgia, Iris shared how her love for dogs inspired her to create the Doggone Leadership program.

We discussed the parallels between dogs and humans, and how incorporating canine wisdom into the workplace can lead to stronger relationships and personal growth.

Find out more and get in touch with Iris at

Btw. Iris is one of the Panic to Peace summit speakers 😀 

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Are You Dreading The Day Your Dog Crosses the Bridge?

Are you wondering how you can be the best support for your dog(s) as they age, navigate illness or face their end-of-life journey?

I know I did, still do.

For years, I was dreading losing Leo. The pain just thinking about him leaving was almost unbearable.

Leo crossed the bridge in 2021.

I know now what it’s like.

In a way, it makes it easier.

But I still dread the day the time comes for Cai, Hada and Lea.

Then again, I wouldn’t want them to have to deal with losing me ..

It’s tough, whichever way you look at it.

Did you know there is support available?

Do you remember Hana Mäkinen?

She was on the podcast a while ago. Check out her episode here.

She specializes in helping people navigate the end-of-life journey of their animals peacefully.

If this is a topic that’s on your mind, you’ll love the virtual workshop she’s hosting this month.

Here is how she describes it:

“This workshop is your opportunity to turn grief and pain into purpose and presence, fostering an even deeper bond with your pet during your challenging time. If you're ready to take intentional steps into your grief, yearning to understand your pet's needs on a deeper level, and seeking a safe space to explore your emotions, then this workshop is for you!”

Hana Mäkinen

Find out more and grab your spot:

For details and to register for the workshop go to

The Crumb Tag - Give Your Dog The Best Chance of Getting Found

Few things are worse than not knowing where your dog is.

When I lived in a village in the Andalusian Alpujarras, at a place that wasn’t fully fenced in, Cai disappeared one day.

Cai looking like he could do no wrong 🤣🤣

I clearly remember my heart racing, the sense of panic.

What if someone took him? What if he’s out there lost and confused? What if he’s hurt or worse?

That’s why the Instagram post about Crumb Tags caught my attention:

It’s a smart tag with a QR code anyone can scan (and you get an alert when someone does) and a lot more.

Currently only available in the UK, but apparently they’ll offer worldwide shipping soon.

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