What I Didn't Know Before I Had More Than One Dog

Today's Pawsome Human: Suzanne Clothier - Beyond Commands: Creating Meaningful Relationships with Dogs

I didn’t plan to have more than one dog

My Fabulous Four: Leo, Cai, Hada & Lea (and yes, this is the kind of tattoo I’m considering :-)

I always wanted a dog.

One dog.


Not that I didn’t want more. The idea of having multiple dogs had simply never crossed my mind.

Until Cai joined us, then Hada, followed by Lea.

I always thought that dogs like certain foods and dislike others. Little did I know that each one has their preferences .. Lea eats anything, Leo didn’t like anything that wasn’t meat, Cai loved bananas and a lot of other fruits, Hada is crazy about Greek yoghurt ..

I had no idea how different their characters and behaviors are, even if they grow up and live in the same household, for example around food:

Cai never touched anything he wasn’t meant to. His way of begging for food was to sit in front of you and look at you.

Hada will have a go at the rubbish if she gets the chance.

Leo would steal food whenever he could, always making sure nobody caught him doing it (one year at Christmas he managed to clear an entire plate of Spanish ham off the Christmas dinner table, with 12 adults and a couple of children around .. nobody saw him do it)

Lea will just patiently wait until it’s her turn.

The connection with each dog is different too, not more or less, just different.

Your Dog is Your Mirror” is still true .. each dog mirrors a different part of you.

What about you? Do you have more than one dog? If you feel like sharing an anecdote, I’d love to hear.

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This week’s Pawsome Human: Suzanne Clothier - Beyond Commands: Creating Meaningful Relationships with Dogs

“Traditional dog training is like a game of whack the mole,” Suzanne explains.

When you only try to correct behavior, without getting to the root of the issue, “you hit down one thing and it pops up someplace else.“

A professional dog trainer since 1977 and creator of Relationship Centered Training, she teaches her clients to lead with curiosity. It’s about building strong foundations, a deep connection so your dog feels heard and understood, because everything is easier - and more fun - that way.

If you joined the recent masterclass with Suzanne, you know that she has a way to help you see your dog(s) and their behavior in a whole new light, based on respect and empathy.

And she’s funny!

We had a good giggle as she shared stories and unpacked common scenarios where we mean well but don’t help our dogs at all…

If you’re always looking for ways to be the person your dog deserves, you really don’t want to miss this one!

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