One We Incident - Two Lessons

Today's Pawsome Human: Leah Gunn Ermerick - Capturing Love Through the Lens: Pet Photography at Life's End

Lea isn’t a fearful dog.

She tends to approach new things (or dogs or people) with curiosity.

And she’s big 😛

So it's not easy, at least where I live, to find a harness big enough to fit her. I thought I'd hit the jackpot when I found the one she's wearing in the picture above.

If you've done some research on dog harnesses, you might be questioning my judgment right now 🤪 but hang in there with me.

Hada, Lea and I were on a walk and I decided to switch up the route a little bit.

We had to pass through a narrow gate, one we had passed lots of times but only ever “out and up”, never down “in and down”.

Hada passed through first, then I passed through, followed by Lea who suddenly stopped and “dug her heels in” catching me by surprise.

I turned around she backed up further and, with one quick dip of her head, slipped out of her harness 😳😳

There she stood "naked" on the road, looking scared.

Fortunately, there were no cars.

And I managed to keep calm enough to simply call her over as if nothing had happened, and put the harness back on.

Then I passed through the gate again and crouched down, encouraging her to pass through, with the leash hanging loose. It was fascinating to watch her figure it out - looking at Hada (who had passed through without hesitating) and then me before putting a paw forward to "test the waters", sniffing, testing a bit more, then moving the other paw and .. voila .. within a few seconds she passed through that gate with a heart-warming look of satisfaction on her face as we continued our walk.

Boy, this could have gone pear-shaped .. I still cringe at the thought of this happening on a busy road and/or me panicking and her running off …

Such a small incident, two valuable lessons:

  • Always expect the unexpected. Staying calm and having a strong connection with your dog is everything.

  • That harness sucked! I’d already noticed that it restricted her movement when she walked on my side AND it’s way too easy for her to slip out. I took it off the moment we got home and never used it again.

Here is the kind of harness both my dogs are wearing now (I had one like that for Hada and eventually found one in Lea’s size)

It comes highly recommended by Rosee Riggs from (she’ll be the expert guest on one of the upcoming podcast episodes)

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This week’s Pawsome Human: Leah Gunn Ermerick - Capturing Love Through the Lens: Pet Photography at Life's End

In this episode, I had a heartfelt conversation with Leah, a Kansas City-based photographer specializing in end-of-life and celebration-of-life photography for pets. 

Leah shares how she started this unique service, inspired by her own experiences and connections with animals. 

She explains the emotional yet rewarding process of photographing pets and their owners during some of their most tender moments. Leah also discusses the importance of capturing these memories and offers insights into how she manages the emotional aspects of her work. 

If you're interested in learning more about her services, including how to prepare for such a photoshoot, and hearing touching stories about the bond between pets and their humans, tune in to this deeply moving episode.

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