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Today's Pawsome Human: Anne Hall - Healing Animals with Reiki

Panic to Peace - Holistic Approaches to Easing Anxiety in Rescue Dogs

It’s a wrap.

A giant THANK YOU to anyone all the speakers who generously shared their wisdom to help “regular” dog guardians like us do the best job we can to give our pups the life they deserve.

And thank you to everyone who joined and tuned in.

The feedback was fabulous 🙏 .. to the point that my mind is already looking towards the next one. We'll get to that in a second.

But first …

If you missed the event, or if you just want to dip back into the Panic to Peace spirit, I created a 21-minute summit highlight reel, giving a glimpse of each speaker’s talk.

If you missed the summit, or maybe you signed up but didn’t get a chance to watch everything you wanted to watch and missed the VIP pass offer, there is another way to join the fun ..

Right from the beginning of Soul Touched by Dogs I had a vision to create a vibrant community for dog lovers who resonate with the Soul Touched by Dogs message, a space to connect with others (and feel less “nuts” for loving our dogs the way we do), a space to openly ask questions, share wins or struggles, a space to connect with experts who are on the same wavelength during monthly live expert sessions.

That community now exists 🎉🎉 and when you join it at a founding member’s price, you'll be able to access the summit recordings for as long as you're a member.

The official community page isn’t even ready yet 😝 The only way to join us is by clicking any of the red buttons on the summit page here

Help me decide on the topic for the next summit

Looking at all the questions and comments people sent in for Panic to Peace I have some ideas for the next event (dates still in the air)

But I’d love your input to help me decide.

After all, there is no point in hosting any event if it’s not interesting and relevant to YOU.

So, please let me know what you’re interested in. Click here (it will literally take 20 seconds):

This week’s Pawsome Human: Anne Hall - Healing Animals with Reiki

I’ve been fascinated with Reiki ever since I experienced receiving it years ago.

When my Leo’s back legs stopped working and vets couldn’t help (that’s a story for another day), I bought a book on Reiki for animals, in an attempt to help him recover. Well, we’ll never know whether Reiki played a part but Leo did recover and lived another 6+ happy years.

So when I was introduced to Anne Hall, I couldn’t wait to explore the topic with her.

In this episode, Anne, a Reiki master based in Cornwall, UK, and I discuss her method of providing Reiki and crystal healing to dogs.

Anne shares her lifelong connection with dogs and how she started practicing Reiki on them. She explains how using a picture of the dog, she can tune into their energy and provide a healing session.

This can help with issues such as anxiety, stress, general well-being or recovery from surgery. She also discusses how crystals enhance the healing process and how all living beings are receptive to energy transfer.

Interestingly, Anne mentions that animals can also refuse Reiki. She provides examples of successful healing sessions, shares feedback from clients, and ways people can book her services.

If you’re curious about what Reiki could do for you and your dog(s), don’t miss this one.

Connect with Anne:

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Did you know that donated pacemakers are saving dogs’ lives?

I stumbled across a post on Facebook the other day that shared that people with a pacemaker can put in their will that they want their pacemaker be donated to a dog.

Apparently, pacemakers have to be removed when the person passes away and can’t be used for another human.

But they CAN be used to save a dog with heart problems.

I’d never heard of it before. So I googled it ..

And yes, looks like it’s true ..

Did you know it? Let me know.

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