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Today's Pawsome Human: Becky Delli-Bovi - From Veterinary Nurse to Dog Whisperer

Leo in Germany

Leo. My first dog. The one who patiently loved me through all my trials and errors, trying to figure out how to be the person he deserves.

He made me learn about dogs way beyond commands, clickers, toys and treats.

He grew up in the streets, so he was way too street-smart to be obedient just because ..

If it didn't make sense to him, he wouldn't do it.

Vets called him "ready for Hollywood" .. he knew how to put on a bit of drama.

And he knew how to put on a convincing performance to get what he wanted (like the time he limped until I turned around to head back home - where he knew my mum had started making dinner - that's when I noticed that he was now limping on the other side, just to totally forget about any limp the moment the house was in sight .. )

A huge heart in a small body.

In August it will be 3 years since he crossed the bridge.

The 16.5 years he was with me went by way too fast.

Now he’s reunited with Good Boy Cai and, as a lovely animal communicator I recently met assured me, they’re having a blast. I think she’s right.

All I can say is, never miss an opportunity to show your dog(s) that you love them. The day you wish you could, just one more time, comes way too soon.

Talking about the boys …

They were quite different in many ways but one thing united them: They both had a rough start in life, and it showed.

When I found Leo in the streets of Granada, 4 months old, he was scared of

  • male voices

  • broomsticks

  • men in uniforms

  • cars

In case of doubt, you’d find him up to the waist in a rubbish bag... It’s not hard to imagine the scenes of his early puppy life .. trying to find food in rubbish bins, chased away by the garbage men ..

Cai came to me at an age when he should have spent his days with his mum and siblings, not some drunk bloke kicking him around. I don’t know too many details, only what the guy who rescued him from that “owner” told me but growing up, Cai would

  • hide in flower beds

  • hide doing his business

  • struggle to relax

  • be hyper-sensitive around noises, people .. anything really (you can imagine him suffering through fireworks or thunderstorms ..)

I hadn’t heard of trauma in dogs then.

Since these two were my first dogs, I didn’t know that their “little quirks” weren’t “just what dogs do.”

.. until Hada arrived (she’s 10 now) - happy-go-lucky, not a worry in the world, confident, gentle but no push-over, a master at reading and making friends with dogs and people.

The youngest of the house, Spanish Mastiff Lea, spent her first two months on a farm, with both her parents, a bunch of siblings, another dog and her puppies, cats, horses, chickens, people .. she wasn’t being fussed over but she learned how to relate to other animals and people in a wonderfully natural way.

When she arrived, Hada took her under her wing and raised her into a delightful, confident goofball.

We found our way, the boys and I, but comparing them to the girls, I got to see how much those early experiences had shaped them. And yes, I wish I’d known more about how to help dogs heal from trauma and phobias so they wouldn’t have to carry the weight of their past through life.

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This week’s Pawsome Human: Becky Delli-Bovi - From Veterinary Nurse to Dog Whisperer

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