Healing Beyond Symptoms

Today's Pawsome Human: Mindy Dutka - Capturing Canine Souls: How Professional Photos Save Lives

I cried when I took this photo

8 years ago ... Leo.

I cried when I took that photo.

It was the first time he stood like that, his usual confident self, after several months of not being able to get up at all.

Months of carrying him in a fabric carrier I'd made for him, with 2 holes for his front legs and designed in a way that it held him in perfect balance, so we could go out and he could relax enough to do his business.

He was ten and a half years old when it started.

Neighbours said, "Oh well, he's old. Are you going to put him down?"

Several vets ran a bunch of (expensive) tests without ever coming to a conclusion.

But I looked at him and knew he wasn't ready to go, and I wasn't going to give up on him.

I bought a book on Reiki for animals .. (I had no idea about Reiki but I had experienced it and I knew that on some level, we're all connected)

I made him Golden Milk (if you don’t know what that is, google it .. it's a lifesaver, regardless of how many legs you have)

I talked to him, I cuddled him. And slowly he got better until he fully recovered and proudly stood at the top of those stairs.

He lived for another 6 years after that, and I'm grateful for every minute of it

It's about not giving up. Even when everyone around you doesn't see how continuing could make sense.

It's about continuously learning to know more, to understand better, to do my part better.

My experience with Leo - this one and many others - is what inspired me to create Soul Touched by Dogs.

And it's why (back in February) I hosted Panic to Peace - Holistic Approaches to Easing Anxiety in Rescue Dogs - a virtual summit for dog lovers.

I wanted to bring together the experts I wish I'd known when Leo first stumbled into my life - scared of men and broomsticks .. obsessed with the contents of rubbish bins and shoes ...

... and none of the - often conflicting - advice out there helped.

15 wonderful experts - holistic vets, nutrition and wellbeing experts, trainers, behaviourists, people involved in rescue and more - shared their wisdom to give knowledge and hope to dog lovers.

And one of them, is going to visit us again in June …

Holistic vet Dr. Jeff Feinman joins us for the next LIVE masterclass ..

"The Connection Between Spirit and Symptoms - A Holistic Vet Explains"

3rd June, 4:30 pm Europe (3:30 pm UK, 10:30 am ET, 7:30 am PT)

Dr. Jeff Feinman, a veterinarian since 1985 and founder of Holistic Actions!, is spearheading the movement to bring Compassionate Communication through a positive and practical veterinary spirituality to pet care. 

With over 30 years of experience, his mission is to optimize pets' lives by bridging the gap between holistic and conventional veterinary medicine through nature-inspired, energy-driven actions. Jeff helps empower pet parents with resources, webinars, and a supportive community, ensuring their furry friends live their healthiest, happiest lives.

So if you’re interested in how to help your dog(s) heal beyond symptoms, bring your questions and join us!

If there is a topic or expert you’d love me to invite, please let me know.

This week’s Pawsome Human: Mindy Dutka - Capturing Canine Souls: How Professional Photos Save Lives

I picture speaks a thousand words.

And not just that.

A photo freezes a moment in time, to be remembered and treasured.

And a photo that captures a dog’s essence multiplies their chances of getting adopted.

In this week’s episode, I welcome Mindy Dutka, a talented dog photographer and founder of 'Dogs I Meet,' who shares her unique perspective on capturing the spirit and stories of dogs through photography. 

Mindy talks about her passion for combining dog advocacy with brand marketing and the importance of high-quality photos in increasing dog adoptions. 

She shares touching stories from her work, including a project with Paws for Patrick, and experiences photographing dogs in shelters and during significant events like Hurricane Maria. 

Mindy provides insights into the challenges and techniques of dog photography, emphasizing patience and the importance of seeing the world from a dog's perspective.

Discover how her inspiring photos have made a real difference in the lives of countless dogs and their owners.

Find out more and get in touch with Mindy:

If you're interested in how Mindy combines her love for dogs with brand marketing in the most delightful way, you'll love the spotlight interview I recorded with her: https://share.descript.com/view/DVDk8C9G2qC

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I had no idea - until I met Annie Phenix, founder of PAC (Phenix Advocacy Center) - that the burnout rate amongst dog professionals is huge.

And supporting dog professionals who are out to help dogs and their people is such a great way to make a difference, so I’m involved :-)

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