Dogs Show Up In Our Lives as Healers, Teachers and Inspiration

Today's Pawsome Human: Erin Scott - From Reluctant Pet Owner to Passionate Dog Advocate

It’s Auction Time 💥 The PAC (Phenix Advocacy Center) Summer Auction has started …

I met Annie Phenix last year while organizing the Panic to Peace Summit. Her work caught my attention because her latest book is called “Positive Training for Aggressive and Reactive Dogs”.

Positive trainers get a lot of pushback from colleagues. The argument is always along the lines of, “this lovey-dovey approach doesn’t work for ‘serious cases’” or “positive approaches take too long” ..

And Annie writes a book that flies directly in the face of this narrative.

Turns out, dealing with verbal attacks from colleagues promoting aversive or balanced approaches, and dealing with clients looking for quick fixes to just “turn off” behaviors they quite often caused or reinforced with their “training” methods, is mentally and emotionally draining for dog trainers and behaviorists whose rule number one is to never hurt a dog.

Dogs need (quite often, their lives literally depend on) professionals who understand and respect them, but way too many end up giving up in frustration or from burnout.

In order to “be the change she wants to see”, Annie created the Phenix Advocacy Center (PAC) to “provide free peer-to-peer support and other resources for canine professionals committed to working with animals without the need to use fear, force, pain or intimidation.“

And the auction is a fund-raising event to create more resources to help positive canine professionals.

If you love dogs and if you agree that the dogs’ well-being must be the top priority when working with a professional, check out the auction.

A lot of well-known canine professionals have donated amazing items - signed book copies, access to courses or programs, 1:1 consults, even a gift certificate for service dog training.

Come along, after all, you can’t win if you don’t play 😛

Oh, that dreadful retching – followed by the up-chucking of anything from green bile to undigested dinners to things we’d rather not think about. How can you tell whether your dog vomiting is serious enough for a vet visit or something you can treat at home?

And what makes dogs throw up, anyway?

This week’s Pawsome Human: Erin Scott - From Reluctant Pet Owner to Passionate Dog Advocate

In this episode, I am excited to welcome Erin, an avid dog lover from Baltimore, Maryland, who shares her inspiring journey from being an apprehensive first-time pet owner to becoming deeply involved in multiple dog-related ventures, like for example free pop-up veterinary care in under-resourced communities in Baltimore.

And she talks about her two podcasts, the 'Believe in Dog' podcast and 'The Alternative Dog Moms', and how they reflect her mission to change perceptions about dogs, especially pit bulls, and to support dog health through holistic approaches.

Erin also unveils her latest project, the Dog Health Journal, a tool born out of personal necessity to track her own dog’s health.

Erin’s journey is an inspiring tale of how passion for pets can shape one's life and help overcome personal challenges, including her own battle with breast cancer.

“Dogs can show up in our lives as healers, teachers and inspiration,” Erin says. A reluctant dog owner when she and her husband moved into their first own home, she soon realized how amazing dogs are.

I love how she’s turned her own experience and passion into a mission to educate and inspire others to see dogs for the magnificent creatures they are.

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Believe in Dog Podcast

The Alternative Dog Moms Podcast

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Is your dog struggling in the car?

Stay tuned ..

Annie Phenix is working on the finishing touches of her new course where she shared how she managed to help her dogs overcome their car phobia for good, and how you can help your dogs too.

I’ve had a wee sneak preview and it’s fabulous 🐾

More details soon.

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