How Dog-Friendly Is Your Town / Country?

Today's Pawsome Human: Lian Brook-Tyler - Dogs a Bridge to Reconnecting With Our Wild, Primal Selves

What I most love about Germany

I’ve not lived in Germany since 1994.

And I don’t miss it (that’s a story for another day, and perhaps another place)

But what I do love is how dog-friendly Germany is.

That’s my opinion, of course, comparing it to Spain where I live. I’m saying that because I’ve recently spoken to several Germans who said there are a lot of people and places that don’t appreciate dogs the way a dog lover would love to see.

But I have experienced several things that would never happen in Spain:

🐾 In Neu-Ulm, where my parents live, there is a restaurant with a menu that lists

  • Entrees

  • Mains

  • Deserts

  • Kids menus

  • Dog menus

And yes, when you first sit down, they bring water bowls and treats for the dogs BEFORE they ask you what you want to drink 😋🐾

🐾 The dogs were allowed in shopping centers, pretty much anywhere except where food was sold. I had Leo with me in a tiny changing room of a clothing store (that would be hilarious with Mastiff girl Lea 🤣) …

🐾 The dogs were allowed to come into museums (see pic below)

Mum with Leo, me with Cai in the Schiller Museum in Leipzig, Germany

🐾 We caught a boat for a river cruise - the dogs were no problem.

🐾 The dogs were allowed in restaurants and cafés, even posh ones, or those with little space between tables. And no, not just on the terrace.

🐾 The dogs were allowed inside a church (see pic below)

In case you’re wondering .. I wouldn’t normally drag the dogs along to absolutely everything 😛 but we were on holiday with my parents, and the dogs weren't used to the places we were staying at, so leaving them alone didn’t seem like a good idea…

I’m curious …

How dog-friendly is the place where you live? Please, do let me know, just hit reply to any of my emails.

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This week’s Pawsome Human: Lian Brook-Tyler - Dogs a Bridge to Reconnecting With Our Wild, Primal Selves

In this heartfelt conversation, my guest, Lian Brook-Tyler, shares her profound connection with dogs, particularly rescue dogs, and the invaluable lessons they have taught her about humility, patience, and living in the present.

Raised in an animal-loving household, Lian's journey with dogs has been rich with experiences that highlight the deep emotional impact dogs have on their human companions.

She highlights the importance of adopting rescue animals, sharing touching stories about her dogs, including her sweet Mabel.

Lian delves into the spiritual and shamanic aspects of her work, emphasizing how dogs serve as a bridge to reconnecting with our wild, primal selves, and the importance of seeing animals as sentient beings with their own rights and individuality.

And we touch on the dynamic personalities of dogs, the unexpected lessons learned from living with multiple dogs, and the need to shift our perspective towards a more respectful and understanding relationship with animals.

Lian and I had been “hovering around each other” online for some time, with a lot of common friends in the coaching space, so it was wonderful to have this conversation with dogs at the center.

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