Birthday Edition

Today's Pawsome Human: Joan Ranquet - Nurturing Wellness With Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) for Animals

First birthday without Good Boy Cai

Good Boy Cai

It’s been just over a month, and we’re settling into life just with the girls.

But today is my birthday, and it falls on a Sunday .. the perfect reason to take it easy .. heading out for sushi, followed by a delightfully long siesta and generally taking it easy.

And suddenly, there is a memory of Cai.

Funny how the waves of grief come and go. I miss my boy, and I feel him close - sad and at peace at the same time.

If you’ve lost a dog, you know the bitter-sweet feeling…

If you’ve missed "Creating Calmer Walks with your ‘Reactive’ Dog" with Miranda Wimbush ..

.. you can still watch the recording for the next few days

Miranda is a Certified Professional Dog trainer, Family Dog Mediator and Veterinary Technician. She is also trained in Transformational Life Leadership Coaching as well as Reiki and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and is currently a HeartMath Certified Mentor. She has the knowledge and skill it takes to support both ends of the leash

She has transformed the lives of hundreds of "reactive" dogs, many of these rescues, using the most cutting-edge, gentle and effective methods available. She offers the Worry Free Walks program to transform your walks with your anxious dog, and the Heart Connection program which supports dog guardians and pet pros who are facing grief and compassion fatigue.

So if walks with your dog are stressful ...

Don’t miss it..

If there is a topic or expert you’d love me to invite, please let me know.

Coming up in June: Holistic vet Dr. Jeff Feinman

Get your questions ready :-)

This week’s Pawsome Human: Joan Ranquet - Nurturing Wellness With Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) for Animals

I learned about EFT many years ago but had no idea it also worked on animals.

If you know EFT you’ll love this episode, if you’ve never heard of it, you’re in for a lovely surprise, about to discover a beautifully simple and effective way to process emotions and heal.

In this episode, animal communicator and author, Joan Ranquette joins us from Santa Clarita, California, to share her journey and work with animals, particularly her application of the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to help them overcome emotional and behavioral issues. 

Joan shares her path from aspiring actress and veterinarian to becoming an animal communicator, her early experiences with animals, and the transformative moment that led her to work with animals full-time. 

She explains the principles of EFT, how she adapted it for animals, and recounts a powerful story about using EFT to change a horse's aggressive behavior towards ponies by addressing underlying traumas. 

Joan emphasizes the simplicity and effectiveness of EFT in treating various issues such as separation anxiety and reactivity in animals, and advocates for pet owners to apply EFT, guiding them with investigative questions to pinpoint issues for a more targeted approach.

We touch on the impact of traditional Chinese medicine principles on EFT, the importance of hitting the correct emotional triggers for effective treatment, and Joan's educational offerings for those interested in learning more about animal communication and EFT.

To connect with Joan and find out more:

Instagram: joanranquet

Twitter: @joaranquet

The book Emotional Freedom Technique for Animals and their Humans, Creating a Harmonious Relationship through Tapping (Findhorn Press, June 2023)

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Coming up in June

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