How to Better Understand Your Dog

Today's Pawsome Human: Alicia Sweezer - Intuition - Your Gateway to Deeper Connection with Your Dog

"You can't expect a dog to be obedient until they have a calm nervous system," says Annie Phenix from Choose to Train Humane.

There is lots of information out there on how to teach your dog this or that but there isn't much about how to help your dog heal from trauma and phobias.

But without addressing that first, having the fun and relaxed relationship you want with your dog is a lot harder than it needs to be.

The thing is, before we can heal trauma in dogs, we first need to recognize it.

How many of our dogs’ “little quirks” or hard-to-change habits are actually trauma responses?

If you’re curious to find out if what your dog does (or doesn’t do) is in fact a trauma response, and what to do to help your dog heal, the upcoming live class with Annie Phenix is for you:

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I’ll ask you what you’d like to know when you register AND you can join us live and ask your questions in the chat. And if you can’t make it live, register anyway, the recording will be available for a few days after the event.

This week’s Pawsome Human: Alicia Sweezer - Intuition - Your Gateway to Deeper Connection with Your Dog

In this episode, I had a delightful chat with Alicia Sweezer from Who Knew Healing, based in Phoenix, Arizona.

Alicia is a scientist turned intuitive life coach, animal communicator, and medium.

Starting out with a good giggle, she shared how her journey from being a wildlife biologist to an animal communicator began and discussed her innate abilities to communicate with animals.

We delved into the ways she assists pet owners, especially during medical or end-of-life decisions, helping them understand their pets' wishes which can alleviate guilt and enhance their bond.

Alicia explained her methods of perceiving communication through claircognizance and clairsentience, and how she educates her clients to connect intuitively with their pets.

Alicia also talked about common reasons pet owners reach out to her, such as behavioral issues, health concerns, and end-of-life communication. She emphasized that anyone can develop these abilities with practice and how these insights can make a significant difference in the lives of pets and their owners.

Grab a cuppa and join us!

Find out more and connect with Alicia

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It was definitely Cai’s name too ..

How to prevent ticks naturally

Ms Hada - no tick has ever liked her

Summer is awesome but it’s also the time when we have to be extra careful about ticks.

I’m not sure what exactly makes a tick choose one dog over another 😛 but while Leo would pick up a tick every now and then while we were living in Granada, neither Good Boy Cai nor the girls Hada or Lea ever had one.

Local vets are very adamant that flea and tick collars are the only way to prevent ticks, and I get “How can you be so irresponsible?!” looks when they see my dogs without one.

I don’t use commercial shampoos or creams to minimize toxins on my own skin (and because my skin and scalp simply don’t do well with them), so of course, I’m not keen on toxic products for my dogs if there are natural alternatives.

I found a spray made with peppermint oil that I like but there are other options as Dr. Christine Chambreau from Holistic Actions! explains in the article linked below.

The biggest takeaway for me: “Build health. It won’t prevent ticks from coming on but building health will decrease the chances of your dog getting any symptoms from any of the tick-borne diseases that might happen if you miss one.”


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