Becoming Your Pet's Advocate: Taking Charge of Their Health, Naturally

Today's Pawsome Humans: Dr. Jeff Grognet and Jody Teiche

I Promised My Dogs a Garden

Leo & Cai on a day out at the coast

I loved living in the Albaicin, the historic part of Granada, until ..

.. I had more than one dog.

The narrow cobble-stoned alleyways effortlessly transport a visitor back in time. The hustle and bustle on market day, daily groups of mesmerized tourists admiring the majestic Alhambra ..

A dream come true.

If you’re not a dog.

For the sensitive nose of a dog, it’s “information overload” 24/7.

Too many noises, too many smells, too many souls - two and four-legged ones - in too little space.

No earth or grass to sniff nearby.

It wasn’t much of an issue because we were used to it until ..

.. we went on a holiday to Lake Balaton in Hungary.

My mum had found a little holiday house near the lake.

It had a 70’s feel to it as if time had stood still, and it had a garden.

For two weeks, I got to enjoy the luxury of having a garden.

Getting up in the morning, opening the door to the garden, and throwing a few balls for the pups while coffee was brewing.

Being able to run and play without worrying about cars, neighbours or unfriendly dogs.

I remember tearing up when we had to leave.

And I promised the dogs, just Leo and Cai at the time, that I’d find us a house with a garden.

It wasn’t easy.

After all, I owned the house in Granada, and I was running my sewing business from there. So I couldn’t just pack up and move somewhere else.

But my eyes were set on the “garden prize” and after 2 years, we moved. And we’ve had a garden ever since.

People sometimes look at me with disbelief when they hear that I moved “for the dogs” .. ok, ok, it had other benefits too so I don’t miss out on anything. But yes, the dogs were the driver and yes, I do believe they deserve the best environment I can offer them.

What about you? Would/did you move for your dogs?

Panic to Peace - Holistic Approaches to Easing Anxiety in Rescue Dogs

A virtual conference for dog lovers: Feb 19-25, 2024

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The event is for those who have adopted a dog who is anxious, perhaps reactive, struggling to overcome trauma or separation anxiety.

And it’s for those who are considering adopting a dog but might hesitate because they worry about the “baggage” a rescue dog might come with.

I’ve invited wonderful experts who will give you kind, gentle, holistic, connection-based tools and solutions so you feel equipped to support your dog.

Here is what we’ll cover:

Dr. Edward Bassingthwaighte - Healing anxiety and building relationship with Loving Touch

Dr. Jeff Grognet - Can you help anxiety with medication? Success and failures

Annie Phenix - How to Help Dogs Heal QUICKLY and Compassionately

Laura Donaldson - Best Practices for Bringing a Rescue Dog into Your Home

Dr. Jeff Feinman - Reframing limiting beliefs in vet and shelter care using Compassionate Communication

Miranda Wimbush - Transform Your Anxious Rescue through the Power of Intuitive Connection

Julie Cluley - Dogs Are Never Naughty

Ness Jones - Preventing Separation Anxiety in Rescue Dogs

Daphné Singer - Walking on Sunshine: Crafting Stress-Free Strolls for Anxious Pups

Inez Robinson - How to Talk Dog

Iris Grimm - Love Your Dog’s Future Self

Billie Groom - Anxiety in Adolescent and Adopted Dogs: Canine Cognitive Behavioral Therapy by UPWARD Dogology

Dr. Fern (Dr. K) Kazlow - A Psychotherapist's Approach to Easing Anxiety in Our Dogs and Ourselves

Jody Teiche - Unleashing The Power of Energy Medicine To Heal Anxiety In Your Pets

Sarah Jones - Yellow Paws: Advocating Space and Empathy for Anxious Dogs

Stay tuned 🐾

This week’s Pawsome Humans: Dr. Jeff Grognet and Jody Teiche

I’m changing things up a bit .. I’ve spoken to so many Pawsome Humans that the episodes are piling up and the time between recording an episode and publishing is getting a bit long, so ..

I’m sharing two Pawsome Humans with you.

Both are also speakers at the upcoming Panic to Peace summit, so check them out to get a wee sneak preview of what’s to come next month.

Dr. Jeff Grognet - Wellness Beyond Medicine: Exploring Holistic Approaches to Canine Health

Dr. Jeff Grognet is a veterinarian from British Columbia, Canada, who shifted from conventional veterinary practices to a more holistic approach in caring for animals.

Dr. Grognet shares his experiences and insights into the field of holistic veterinary medicine, including his focus on natural nutrition, reducing vaccines, and eliminating harmful insecticides.

We explore the impact of vaccines on animals, the importance of taking ownership of our pets' health, and the benefits of becoming educated advocates for our furry friends.

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Find out more and connect with Dr. Grognet at

Jody Teiche - Beyond Pharmaceuticals: Natural Alternatives for Pet Health

Jody Teiche, a Certified Health Coach for People and Pets, and I discuss the importance of holistic pet care and how it can improve our furry friends' health and well-being.

We explore the role of natural remedies and energy medicine in addressing pet health issues, as well as the challenges faced by pet parents in the conventional medical system.

Join us as we learn how to become more connected to our animals and empower ourselves to provide them with vibrant health and longer lives.

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